Can you offer a loving home to a pet who needs it?

As a local authority approved kennels we work closely with our Council and occasionally we have dogs available for re-homing through no fault of their own.

Any dogs found or reported as strays to the Council's Animal Welfare Officer are brought to us until claimed, or after a week go for re-homing at a council approved re-homing centre. We have had all manner of breeds come to us and helped many achieve some social skills before going to their new home or re-homing centre.

We work hard with the dogs to ensure that they have a good chance of being re-homed. Some come to us with behavioural problems or are frightened of other dogs. Very soon they settle down and once they have met our own dogs and mixed with them as a pack, they soon find their feet and start behaving as a normal dog should be.

So if you would like to rehome a dog please contact us to see if we can be of help in the first instance.